別(ㄅㄧㄝˊ ; bieˊ) 氏徽圖
emblem of surname Bie
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For foreign friends:

      Having a Chinese surname and know its legend, story and the oldest Chinese surname character will help you easy to make friends with Chinese people and promote your culture level.

Go to explor a Chinese surname Pinyin close to your real name and get its Emblem!


       謝謝您的訂購!本產品將在收款後以電子郵件發到您的信箱中.本產品是一個高解析的電子圖檔, 您取得後可以拿去轉印到您所想要轉印的物品上, 也可放在電子產品上當背景桌布.



Dear Customer:

      Thank you for your order! This product will be sent to your  e-mail   in receiving your payment. This product is a high-resolution digital image. you can take to get transferred to the items you want to transfer to. You can also  download it  on electronic products as the background wallpaper.

      Thank you for your order again, please advise sustainly!

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