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  • 新會員註冊 / New Member Registration

會員帳號(優先使用Email 作為帳號):/ Account: (Email address is preffered)

※此為登入用帳號,留下正確的 Email 將有助於我們對您的連繫與服務. 建議使用非yahoo郵箱,可減少成為垃圾信的機會.
Pls use the true Email address for contact! Non-yahoo email is prefered for not being loss!

帳號確認:/ Account confirm again:

密碼設定:/ Password:

※4碼以上數字或英文 / Password above 4 digitals or letters is required!

密碼再次確認:/ Password confirm again!

中文全名:/ Full Name:
先生/Mr. 小姐/Miss or Ms.
True name is suggested for building your family tree needed!

行動電話:/ Mobil phone:

連絡電話:/ other phone:
※ 行動電話與電話請至少留下一組/ At least one phone number is required!

聯絡地址:/ Sited address:
地址:/ Address:
※非台灣居民,郵地區號請選 "10000 Not in Taiwan R.O.C."
If you are living in Taiwan, Pls choose Zone-no "10000 Not in Taiwan R.O.C." and fill in your full address in Address blank.

驗 證 碼:/ checking Code: